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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

50 Thank You Cards Part 2

These cards were made for a local donation for volunteers doing a flu vaccine clinic.  If you'd like to see more detailed photos of each card, check out this album.  

Saturday, October 7, 2017

50 Thank You Cards

Techniques Used:

Ink Blending - Check out this Video from Kristina Werner for how to
Die Cutting
Die Cut Stencil - Check out this Video for how to

Retired Products Used:

Simon Says Stamp Large Heart Doily

Links to Products Used:

Kindness Cards Part 3

Techniques Used:

Embossing Resist - Check out this Video from Jenifer McGuire for how to
Ink Blending - Check out this Video from Kristina Werner for how to

Links to Products Used:

Friday, October 6, 2017

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017

My Top 10 Favorite Reasons to Send Cards

This past week I've shared a lot of other people's lists of unique ideas and reasons to send notes and cards to the people in your life.  Today I thought I'd share my faves from all those lists.

  1. Check your Facebook Calendar and send your friend or family member a card for their birthday.  So much more personal and meaningful than the "wall" post everyone else does.  (From the 30 Ideas for Letters to Write post at Green Fingerprint).
  2. Drop a note in the mail that includes a blank card with a stamped, self-addressed envelope or postcard for the recipient to send back.  Better yet, leave off the address and encourage them to pay it forward to someone in their address book.   (From the 30 Ideas for Letters to Write post at Green Fingerprint).
  3. Love Letters, there's nothing better than a handwritten love letter.  (From For the Love of Letters post at Psychologies).
  4. New homes and new jobs are both great ideas and something I never think about.  (From 29 Common Reasons to Send a Greeting Card post at The Spruce).
  5. To send a gorgeous card you found.  What better way to tell someone you were thinking of them and share something beautiful to brighten their day.  (From 100 Unconventional Reasons to Send a Card at How Life Unfolds).
  6. To share a recipe.  If you're a cook and have a friend or family member that is into recipes, share a recipe you think they'll love.  (From 100 Unconventional Reasons to Send a Card at How Life Unfolds).
  7. If you have great neighbors, let them know with a card.  (From 100 Unconventional Reasons to Send a Card at How Life Unfolds).
  8. Have little ones in your life?  How about congratulating them on losing their first tooth.  This is such a cute idea for Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents.  (From 100 Unconventional Reasons to Send a Card at How Life Unfolds).
  9. Why not show off your handwriting.  Cursive is being taken out of schools and handwriting is becoming over ruled by technology.  Take a minute to send a card and show off your skills.  (From 100 Unconventional Reasons to Send a Card at How Life Unfolds).
  10. Celebrate the seasons.  We all know about sending Christmas cards, but what about all the other holidays, or to welcome Fall or say hello to Spring?  (From 100 Unconventional Reasons to Send a Card at How Life Unfolds).
Of course, there are all the usual suspects that shouldn't be forgotten, but it's the unique and unusual cards that will stand out in people's memories.  Don't forget the birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, weddings, babies, thank yous, get wells and sympathy cards, but I encourage you to think outside the box and send some Happy Mail.